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Summer Fun with HIA 

Summer is here! The sun is shining, the heat is off the charts, pools are opening and here at HIA we could not be more excited. One of our favorite things to do is barbecue outside when the weather is nice with some family and friends. In this edition of the food blog we will be discussing our favorite BBQ dishes along with some other fun tid bits! Enjoy your summer everyone! 

Favorite Summertime Cocktails: 

Trudi: Mojito 
Chrissy: Moscow Mule 
Greg: Rum and Coke 
Dawn: Peach Margarita 

Favorite Summertime Non-Alcoholic Cocktails: 

Trudi: Lemon Water 
Chrissy: Lemonade 
Greg: Lemon Lime Soda
Dawn: Seltzer Water 

Favortie Summertime BBQ Side: 

Trudi: Mac n Cheese 
Chrissy: Potato Salad
Greg: Pickle 
Dawn: Salad 

Favorite Summertime Food to BBQ: 

Trudi: Hot Dog 
Chrissy: Burger 
Greg: BBQ Chicken 
Dawn: Salmon Burger 

Favorite Summertime Activity to do with Family:

Trudi: Walks outdoor 
Chrissy: Go to the Beach 
Greg: Park or Sporting event 
Dawn: Reading a Book outside 

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