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Dance Your Way Through Life



As we all navigate through these tough times we at Horne Insurance Agency like to take time to enjoy the little things that make life amazing. As Ferris Bueller once said, "Life move's pretty fast if you don't stop and look around once and a while you can miss it".

So what exactly can we do? Dance! Yes, Dance. Studies have shown recently that dancing can help with several issues all of us deal with daily. Depression is one of the many mental health issues we all go through, yet studies have shown that dancing can help you feel less stressed and help improve your mood. Strength and Balance is another aspect where researchers saw improvement during an 8-week salsa course. 

Joint pain and stiffness was another area where doctors have noticed considerable improvement. After tackling a 12-week, low-impact dance course, participants with an average age of 80 years old were able to decrease the amount of pain medication they were taking by 39 percent (Ann-Marie Botek) 

Knee's aren't the only part of the body that benefits from dancing. Your heart as well benefits greatly due to the fact dancing is a low-impact cardio activity. Many other cardio exercises are very high stress and high impact. Whereas dancing can be very mellow while providing similar results. 

The most important part of your body arguably is your mind itself. Studies have shown that dancing significantly reduces patient's chances of developing dementia when incorporating dancing into their lives. Why you might ask? Dancing provides a great cardio workout while combining that with split-second decision-making that forces our brain to create new pathways. The magic of dancing is real and we at Horne Insurance Agency encourage our clients to tango with their significant other every once and a while. Or just breakdancing  after receiving big news! No matter what we all have going on in this crazy world, just dance through it. 




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