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Dog Days of Summer 

I remember when I was a kid the worst part of the summer was when you were watching T.V and saw the back to school commercials. You just knew at that moment school was right around the corner and it was coming with nothing you can do about it. As I got older that feeling went away through college and highscool, yet you never forget those days watching cartoons and playing with your friends all summer long. August is National Back to School Month and we know many of you are grandparents to some amazing grandchildren. Below we will be discussing some of our favorite memories from our school days and other fun tidbits! 

Favorite School Subject: 

Chrissy: English 

Trudi: Math 

Dawn: Science 

Greg: Social Studies 

Favorite Grade: 

Chrissy: 9th grade

Trudi: 1st grade

Dawn: Senior Year of High School 

Greg: Graduation 

Best Back to School Item: 

Chrissy: New Binders

Trudi: New Backpack 

Dawn: New Clothes 

Greg: New Backpack 

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