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Stormy Summer Days 

Sometimes nothing is better than a summer day when there is nothing to do but watch movies in the rain. Whether its going to see the movie in a theater or just renting one at home, there is no better time to get cozy with a loved one or watch with some friends. At HIA we love movies and we decided to have a little fun below with some questions about the movies and our favorites! 

Favorite Snack at the Movies: 

Chrissy: Skittles 

Trudi: Whoppers 

Greg: Popcorn 

Dawn: Pretzel 

Favorite Movie Genre: 

Chrissy: Comedy  

Trudi: Drama 

Greg: Action 

Dawn: Romance 

Favorite Movie on a Rainy Day:

Chrissy: Sound of Music 

Trudi: When Harry Met Sally

Greg: My Cousin Vinny 

Dawn: Uncle Buck 

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