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Popsicles In The Sun! 

One thing that brings us all together as Americans no matter the color of your skin, religion, political beliefs, is a sweet treat on a hot summer day. Whether your go to is an ice cream cone, a popsicle, or maybe a chipwhich. If you're hot on a summer's day we all enjoy a cold treat in the sun. Below we will be listing our favorite treats to have when we are sweating on an hot summer day. Let us know what your favorite snack to cool down with in the summer is! 

Favorite Part of Summer: 

Chrissy: Beach Season 

Trudi: Sunsets 

Greg: Alive @5 

Dawn: Rhode Island 

Favorite Ice Cream: 

Chrissy: Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Penaut Butter 

Trudi: Strawberry 

Greg: Mint Chocolate Chip

Dawn: Cow Trax 

Favorite Popsicle Color: 

Chrissy: Purple 

Trudi: Orange 

Greg: Blue 

Dawn: Red 

Favorite Summer Activity: 

Chrissy: Beach 

Trudi: Beach 

Greg: Beach 

Dawn: Beach 

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